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Realize the best Asian Games ever
Promote balanced sports development in Asia
Enhance friendship among 4 billion Asians
Attract the largest possible number of participants from among the OCA member countries to realize
   the best Asian Games ever
Create an unparalleled sporting occasion by utilizing high-technology
Provide an arena at which the athletes are able to perform to their utmost potential
Support balanced development to boost the performance of athletes of all OCA member NOCs
Produce an event which stands as a grand festival harmonizing culture and the environment
charge : Choi, YunJung   division : Planning Department
contact number : 82-32-458-2104   e-mail :  incheoner@incheon2014ag.org
(402-070) west 3F, Munhak Stadium, 482, Munhak-Dong, Nam-Gu, lncheon
The 17th Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee TEL.+82-32-458-2014 FAX.+82-32-458-2149
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