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17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014 2014.9.19~10.4 D-DAY

Promote partnerships and understanding among participating nations by efficiently conducting the preparation and operation of the 17th Asian Games to be held in Incheon in 2014. Further contribute to peace and the development of sports in Asia.

  • Preparation Operation / Financing & Execution of the event
  • Establishment & Execution of the overall plans for effectively holding the event
  • Acquisition & Operation of diverse infrastructures as stadium, support, and accommodation facilities
  • Cooperation with the central & local governments, and relevant domestic & international organizations
  • Miscellaneous projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the committee

  • President: 1
  • Vice Presidents: Less than 7
  • Executive members: Less than 15
  • Members: Less than 110 (Advisors & Auditors)

  • General Assembly: Top deliberative body of the organizing committee
  • Executive Committee: Body that makes major decisions authorized by the General Assembly
  • Advisory Organization: Advisory Committee, External Cooperation Chairperson
  • Standing Committee: Specialized groups (advisory) in each area for preparation & operation of the Games

Secretariat: Body that executes business affairs authorized by the Organizing Committee (Secretary General and Staffs)