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notice  [High Demand] Closing Ceremony_Ticket Distribution Schedule_E & ENR

TEAM MediAD Incheon2014


  •  High Demand Distribution_Closing Ceremony.pdf

Dear Media Colleagues,

Hope all of you are fine.
Please find below is the plan for the High Demand Event Ticket distribution to the Closing Ceremony

* Assigned media organiztions : Please refer to the list attached

* Distribution Place : MPC Information Desk (1F)

* Distribution Schedule

  - Oct. 2 (Thu) 10:00-18:00 : Distribution for the assigned media organiztions only
  - Oct. 3 (Fri) 10:00-15:00 : Distribution for the assigned media organiztions only
                       After 17:00 : The ticket will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis, if there are any left


* Way of Distribution
  - For the Korean Demestic media organizations : Distributed by IAGOC
  - For the Media Organizations from Non OCA Memembers' Countries : Distributed by IAGOC
  - For the Media Organizations from OCA Members' Countries : Distributed through NOC Attache


* Note
  - The security seal sticker will be issued for the closing ceremony same as Opening Ceremony and the
    sticker will be distributed along with the ticket.
    (Differently from the Opening Ceremony, it is not necessay to draw up the list of every sigle recipients
     in detail as we did for the Opening Ceremony)
   - Without the ticket, AD with the stickter you cannot get in to the stadium
   - The security seal must be sticked to the designated spot on you AD Cards complying with the guidance from
     our staff at Info Desk
   - If your NOC haven't dispached Press Attache to this Games, please take steps featured below

    1) Ask your NOC to designate the specific journalist as the representative among the journalists from the countries
    2) Ask your NOC to send us an e-mail (at mediad@incheon2014ag.org) informing who is the representative
    3) IAGCO will issue the ticek and the security seals to the person designated by NOC


Thank you for paying your attention