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 [ MY STATUS Service is now available ]



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Dear Media Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in 17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014.

We are pleased to inform you that MY STATUS service is now available. This service is designed to let you know what the result of IAGOC’s screening on the submitted information and materials

Also, the progress of the accreditation approval will be notified via this service. (As for the usage of this service, please refer to the MY STAUS System User Guide which is uploaded on our website : http://www.incheon2014.kr/en/Media/accreditation/index).

The result of the screening will be notified based on the date on which the organizational information is registered.

If MY STATUS shows you ‘Application Submitted’ in ‘Accreditation & Approval Status’, this means the screening has not been completed. But, if MY STATUS shows ‘Under confirmation by IAGOC’ or ‘Confirmation by IAGOC suspended’ that means the screening has been completed and those two comments respectively indicate your status are below:

■ Under confirmation by IAGOC :
- Everything is clear with your information (Stand by for the next steps)

■ Confirmation by IAGOC suspended:
 - You have to correct your information or submit the materials (AD Photo, Scanned copy of passport) again. In some case, you might have to contact the IAGOC’s Media Accreditation Manager

So, if MY STATUS says ‘Confirmation by IAGOC suspended’ you should correct your information or re-submit the documents (Photo file, Copy of passport) by following the instructions of MY STATUS System User Guide.

On making correction or resubmission, you must notify the Media Accreditation Manager of such information by e-mail (to: mediad@incheon2014ag.org) in compliance with the instructions on the page No. 2 in MY STATSU System User Guide.

You can inquire on the procedures of correction and resubmission either by e-mail or by phone. However, please be minded that the notification must be made by e-mail only.

Thank you.

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