Business Facilities

Dedicated work space for broadcast production and media coverage.

Business Facilities
  Broadcast Press
(Main Media Center)
IBC(International Broadcast Center)
: A place for distribution of international signals owned by IHB(Incheon AG Host Broadcasting Management).
MPC(Main Press Center)
: Main business area for media(press). Varieties of services and amenities offered.
(Venue Media Center)
SBC(Sub Broadcast Center)
: Work space for broadcast production located in the Athletes' village, competition venues, etc.
SPC(Sub Press Center)
: Work space for press located in the Athletes' village, competition venues, etc.


  • Located in MPC(IBC and MPC are close)
  • Functional Room: information center, press workroom, photo workroom, press conference room, Interview room, media lounge, booking office, rent office, etc
  • Convenience Facilities: bank, post office, convenience store, medical room, camera service center
Media Village
  • Dining Hall(500 seats, 6am to 11am), Convenience Store, Snack Bar, Laundry Room, Medical Room, Workroom, etc.