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17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014 2014.9.19~10.4 D-DAY

17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014

OCA - Incheon Vision 2014 Program, 2014 Asian Games organizing city are promises of Incheon.
This program will turn the 2014 Asian Games into a festival of dreams, highlighted by the joy of winning medals for all participating countries.

Project Duration

: 2007 ~ 2014 (8years)

Project Expenses

: USD 20,000,000

Key Projects
  • Invitational training of promising young Asian athletes
  • Dispatch of coaches to underdeveloped sports countries in Asia
  • Supporting sports facilities and equipment
  • Supporting OCA projects and events
  • Supporting finance for various Asian Games and regional Asian Games organizing NOC
Executive Committee
  • Total of 6 : 3 from OCA, 3 from Incheon
  • Selection of subject country NOC and project
  • Holding at least 2 meetings annually
Subject Country & Project
Subject Country & Project
Year Project Type Subject Country (Project)
2007 Off-season Training Nepal (Taekwondo), Mongolia (Archery), Indonesia (Taekwondo),Cambodia (Taekwondo)
Training Facility,
Palestine, Yemen, Maldives, Philippines, Mongolia, Uzbekistan
Events, etc. Women's sports activities in Gulf Coast countries, Asian Beach Games (Indonesia)
2008 Off-season Training Oman (Taekwondo), Kyrgyzstan (Boxing), Tajikistan (Judo, Taekwondo, Archery)
Coach Dispatch Thailand (Archery), Bangladesh (Swimming), Laos (Taekwondo)
Training Facility,
Syria, Bangladesh, Laos, Palestine, Yemen
Events, etc. Women's sports activities in Gulf Coast countries, International Sports Seminar (Malaysia), OCA Sports Congress
2009 Off-season Training Pakistan (Boxing), Turkmenistan (Weightlifting), Nepal (Taekwondo, Archery), Myanmar (Taekwondo), Joint Off-season Football Training for S.-N. Korean Youth (Football), Cambodia (Taekwondo), Tajikistan (Taekwondo)
Coach Dispatch Thailand (Archery), Bhutan (Boxing)
Training Facility,
Philippines, Sri Lanka, Syria
Events, etc. Southeast Asian Games (Laos), Opening Ceremony of the New OCA Office, OCA Sports Congress, Asian Sports 2009 (Malaysia), Training Exchanges for Asian Football, Sports Scholarship Project for Asian Youth, Asian Sports Seminar (Incheon)
2010 Off-season Training Kyrgyzstan (Boxing), Bhutan (Boxing), Tajikistan (Judo), Syria (Taekwondo), Laos (Swimming, Taekwondo), Indonesia (Taekwondo, Weightlifting), Uzbekistan (Boxing), Philippines (Archery), Myanmar (Taekwondo), Nepal (Shooting), South Korea - North Korea Joint Youth Football Camp, Korea - Thailand Joint Athletic Camp
Coach Dispatch Bangladesh (Swimming), Thailand (Archery), Bhutan (Boxing)
Events, etc. Laos government decoration for Vision 2014 (Laos)
2011 Off-season Training Tajikistan (Taekwondo), Syria (Taekwondo), Turkmenistan (Weightlifting), Cambodia (Taekwondo, Wrestling), Sri Lanka (Wrestling), Bhutan (Archery), Iraq (Taekwondo), Pakistan (Wrestling)
Coach Dispatch Bangladesh (Swimming), Bhutan (Boxing), Laos (Taekwondo)
Training Facility,
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestinian, Maldives, Turkmenistan, Jordan