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17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014 2014.9.19~10.4 D-DAY

17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014

Utilizing the long linear landscape from South to North to actively connect to surrounding parks, and the naturally continuity of the rooftops to facilitate the approach by spectators, in order to overcome the difficulty of approaching the long site while emphasizing the potential of the area.
Attempts to depict the movements of people with the lines and soft curvatures of dancing in order to link with Seungmu (Buddhist dance), and to express dynamic movement with the tide and wind, which represent the sea of Incheon.

  • Location :
    Vicinity of 378 Yeonheu-dong, Seo-gu
  • Purpose :
    Opening/Closing ceremony, Athletics
  • Size :
    Total area of 105,000㎡ (B1~4F)
  • No. of Seats :
    Approx. 60,000 seats (30,000 fixed, 30,000 variable)
  • Construction Period : 
    Started in June 2011 / Completion in April 2014)