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17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014 2014.9.19~10.4 D-DAY

17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014

The OCA and IAGOC has sole and exclusive commercial rights and intellectual property rights to all aspects of the Games.

The Commercial Rights include the rights to the designation of official sponsors, the rights to advertising and publicity using the appellation or symbols of official sponsors, the rights to commercially using the tangible and intangible properties of the Games, including the image, mascots, characters and emblem, and the permanent monopolized rights to all recordings and videos related to the Games, including still photographs and motion picture films of the Games.

These Guidelines aim to provide with the standards and principles for commercial advertising and activities to be complied with by all persons and entities related to the Games in order to grant and protect the rights of the OCA, IAGOC and sponsors in accordance with the OCA Constitution and Host City Contract for successful hosting and operations of the Games.

Any subject matter not included in these Guidelines shall be in compliance with the related rules and regulations of the OCA and IAGOC, and shall be amended and supplemented in accordance with the policies and rules of the OCA and IAGOC.