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17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014 2014.9.19~10.4 D-DAY

17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014

What's Ambush Marketing?

  • Ambush Marketing is a marketing strategy in which the advertisers associate themselves with the 4th AIMAG, without paying sponsorship fee and permission.

Types of Ambush Marketing

  • Use of Offi cial Names of the 4th AIMAG without Permission Without permission in advance, non-sponsors are not allowed to use the offi cial names of the 4th AIMAG including Offi cial Sponsor, Official Supplier, etc. Use of Symbols of the 4th AIMAG without permission Non-sponsor’'s using emblems, marks, or mascots without permission leads misconception taking the non-sponsor for the Offi cial Sponsor. The Deliberate manipulation of symbols of the 4th AIMAG is regarded as one of ambush marketing types. Ambush Marketing on the Internet Non-sponsor’'s using the offi cial banner of the 4th AIMAG, or unloading the news or data of the 4th AIMAG regularly to associate itself with the 4th AIMAG is also one of ambush marketing types.

What's for Anti-Ambush Marketing?

  • The sponsor must pay a great deal of sponsorship fee to be sure of qualifying for ‘'the 4th AIMAG Offi cial Sponsor.’' The non-sponsor’'s attempt of manipulating ambush marketing should be prevented. (AIMAG Official Sponsor) Asian Indoor and Martial.

Legal Basis

  • Incheon Asian Games Support Act, OCA Constitution OCA Marketing Guidelines, OCA Commercial Guidelines Commercial Guidelines for the 4th AIMAG.