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Article 1 (Purpose)

This agreement has the purpose of stipulating the matters regarding conditions of usage, procedures, and other necessary matters of the official website service ("Service" hereinafter) provided by the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee ("IAGOC" hereinafter).

Article 2 (Effects and Revisions of Agreement)
  • (1) The agreement takes effect through the notification of members.
  • (2) The agreement may be revised when deemed necessary by the IAGOC. The revision takes effect when it is reported on the official website for a certain period of time, or announced to members via e-mail.
  • (3) If members do not agree to any revision to the agreement, they may cancel their membership registration (close their account). Their continuous usage of the membership will be considered their agreement to the revision.
Article 3 (Regulations besides the Agreement)

When matters not specified in the agreement are stipulated in the related law, members must comply. The telecommunications act, telecommunications business law, deliberate regulations of the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, telecommunications ethics code, program protection law, and other related laws are applicable. When there are no related laws, business will be conducted according to general custom.

Article 4 (Definition of Terms)

The terms used in this agreement are defined as follows.

  • (1) Member: Persons who agree to this agreement, and fill out the account application form provided by the IAGOC official website to receive their "ID" and "Password." (If members have contents to change in their account, they may change their personal information at any time through "Change Personal Information." Changes are immediately applied when the procedure is complete.)
  • (2) Identification Number (ID): The name entered when creating an account as a means to use member service and identification.
  • (3) Password: Series of letters and numbers selected by members to protect their on-line privacy and check for accordance with their ID.

Article 5 (Approval of Membership Registration)
  • (1) Membership registration is approved through consent to the agreement.
  • (2) Users desiring to use services as members must fill out the contents required for member management by IAGOC.
  • (3) Service usage applicants must register with their real name, and cannot create more than one account.
    • ⓢ Registering with the name of another person
    • ② False information in the membership application form
    • ③ Violation of laws and the agreement when using the IAGOC official website
Article 6 (Agreement on Usage of Membership Information)
  • (1) Membership information is protected by the laws regarding personal information protection by public institutions.
  • (2) Membership information is used, managed and protected according to the following procedures.
    • ① Usage of personal information: Personal information collected for service provision by the IAGOC will not be disclosed or distributed to a third party. (Except when there is a request by a governmental organization according to the Act of Telecommunication, a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee for criminal inspection, or a request according to procedures stipulated by other related laws.)
    • ② Personal information management: Members may change/delete their personal information at any time through the personal information management service as a means of protecting and managing their information.
    • ③ Personal information protection: Personal information may be viewed/changed/deleted by the corresponding members, and such matters are completely managed through the ID and password of the members. Thus, members must not disclose their ID and password to others, and must log-out after usage.
Article 7 (Information Security of Users)
  • (1) Members are responsible for maintaining the entered information as they complete the registration procedure. All consequences of ID and password use are borne by the members themselves.
  • (2) When a member discovers the wrongful usage of his/her ID and password, he/she must immediately report to IAGOC. Failure to make such a report will hold the member responsible for all liabilities.
  • (3) After usage of IAGOC service, members must log out. Responsibility for any damages or loss caused a member"s failure to do so resides in the member him or herself.
Article 8 (Contents of Provided Service)

Contents of the service provided by the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee are as follows:

  • (1) IAGOC & Asian Games information usage
  • (2) IAGOC facility information & usage methods
  • (3) IAGOC related newsletter usage
  • (4) Community and bulletin board usage & provided services
  • (5) Miscellaneous SMS, notification, and other provided services
Article 9 (Service Usage)
  • (1) Service is always provided 24 hours a day, except when service interruption is unavoidable due to business or technical issues of IAGOC
  • (2) Service usage may be entirely or partially limited in the event of service upgrades or force majeure such as facility disorders, service recovery and system inspection.
  • (3) Responses to questions from members may be limited to essential contents of IAGOC operation. Matters irrelevant to IAGOC may be ignored or deleted.
Article 10 (Service Usage Restrictions & Posted Materials by Members)

IAGOC may cancel the terms of service or delete posted materials without notification in advance when members commit the following actions.

  • (1) Planning or conducting service usage for the purpose of obstructing the national interest or social/public interest
  • (2) Criminal activities
  • (3) Activities counter to public morals and order
  • (4) Illegal usage of the social security number and personal information of others (May be criminally charged depending on the circumstance)
  • (5) Libel or other damages to others
  • (6) Multiple registrations by the same user
  • (7) Harmful activities against the service, and other matters deterring healthy usage
  • (8) Violation of other related laws or conditions set by the company
  • (9) Transmission or mediation of a great amount of advertisements, such as spam mails to the majority of members
  • (10) Transmission of commercial information or a great amount of information with the purpose of preventing the stable operation of service
  • (11) Distribution of computer virus programs causing information destruction or malfunction of telecommunication facilities
  • (12) Infringement of intellectual property rights of other IAGOC users or a third party
  • (13) Duplication, distribution or commercial usage of information attained through IAGOC service without IAGOC approval
Article 11 (Copyright of Posted Materials)
  • (1) Rights for materials posted by members reside with the corresponding members.
  • (2) IAGOC has the right to edit and move the posted materials without notification in advance. IAGOC may delete materials without notification in advance according to the bulletin board operation policies.
  • (3) Members will hold civil and criminal liability when their posted materials infringe another"s copyright.
Article 12 (Service Suspension)

If members violate contents stipulated by the agreement, IAGOC may limit or suspend their service usage.

Article 13 (Service Usage Fee)

All members are provided with the service free of charge.

Article 14 (Membership Cancellation)
  • (1) Members must request membership cancellation if they want to stop their service usage.
  • (2) Members can cancel membership by filling out their reasons for cancellation and application form for identification.
  • (3) After cancellation, members cannot re-register for 60 days, and all member information (excluding the minimum information necessary for operation) will be deleted. So please consider carefully before cancelling your membership.
Article 15 (Membership Re-registration)
  • (1) When users desire to re-register after membership cancellation according to Article 14, they must directly re-register through the official website after 60 days from the date of cancellation.
  • (2) For re-registration, users must accurately fill out the registration form given by IAGOC as they did for their initial registratio

Article 16 (IAGOC Liability and Exemption)
  • (1) Except in the following cases, IAGOC does not disclose user information to any third party regarding service provision without agreement from users in advance.
    • ① Requests for documents by governmental organizations according to the telecommunications law and other related laws, and warrants under purpose of inspection
    • ② Requests by the Information and Communication Ethics Committee
    • ③ Requests according to the procedures set by other related laws
  • (2) IAGOC must always maintain its service provision facilities in an operational status.
  • (3) When there are revisions or additions to the service contents, IAGOC must display them on the service screen.
  • (4) All legal liabilities caused by the transmission, storage, and viewing of obscene or seditious documents reside with the corresponding members, not IAGOC.
  • (5) IAGOC does not take responsibility for the approach, viewing, duplication, change, deletion, and sharing of account data with a third party due to a member"s careless management of his/her ID and password.
Article 17 (Liability of Members)
  • (1) Members must manage their ID and password with responsibility. Members will take full responsibility for any damages caused by careless management.
  • (2) Members must observe the related laws, stipulations of the agreement, usage guides and cautions. They must not deter IAGOC activities.
  • (3) Members are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their registered information. Members are fully responsible for any consequences caused by their failure to do so.
  • (4) Members take responsibility of all data saved in their account. Members are prohibited from conducting activities corresponding to the following clauses and the clauses of Article 10.
    • ① Illegal service usage is prohibited
    • ② Members are prohibited from saving, transmitting, and viewing forbidden seditious document, obscenity, viruses, and data that may harm other users or cause infection by a virus
    • ③ Activities influencing the network or service are prohibited
    • ④ Activities of approaching, viewing, duplicating, changing, deleting and sharing with other accounts are prohibited

Article 18 (Prohibition of Conveyance)

Members are prohibited from granting or conveying service usage rights, and other related rights in the agreement.

Article 19 (Compensation for Damage)

Excluding deliberate matters specified on the official website, IAGOC does not take responsibility for any damages to members regarding the services provided by IAGOC.

Article 20 (Dispute Settlement)
  • 1) IAGOC and members must strive to achieve the harmonious settlement of disputes regarding service usage.
  • 2) If such efforts fail and a lawsuit is proposed on the equivalent dispute, the court holding jurisdiction over the office of IAGOC will be designated as the competent court.

Supplementary Provision 1. (Effective Date) The agreement takes effect from June 23, 2008.