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At the OCA General Assembly held in Kuwait on April 17, 2007, we accomplished the outstanding feat of being selected as the host city for the 17th Asian Games. Moreover, we won the right to do so by an over whelming majority.

At that time, Incheon’s bid for the games was certainly not assured of success due to challenging situations facing us both domestically and internationally. However, with the full support and passion of Koreans everywhere, our government, the National Assembly, sports and business communities, and Incheon Metropolitan City pulled together with one united heart to overcome these difficulties and secure this remarkable event.

The 2014 Asian Games will be an occasion which will be enjoyed by 4 billion Asians, and one which will make a great and lasting impression. The Korean government, the Asian Games Organizing Committee, and Incheon Metropolitan City have thoroughly prepared for these Games. Indeed, such were our preparations that immediately after winning the right to host this prestigious event, we had formulated the necessary legislation in the National Assembly to support the Asian Games in Incheon.

Additional preparations associated with securing the basic infrastructure required for the success of the Games included establishing and incorporating the Organizing Committee, and the design and construction of facilities for the various athletic events. We are also pursuing a multitude of unique and innovative measures designed to maximize interest and participation among the Korean populace and Asia’s 4 billion people.

The Asian Games is firmly established as the largest international sports event, surpassing even the Olympic Games in terms of the number of participating athletes, and will draw officials, athletes, press, and visitors from 45 countries in Asia. This event is therefore an unparalleled opportunity for the Republic of Korea and Incheon Metropolitan City to show case the excellence of Korean culture to the world, as well as an occasion to demonstrate its outstanding sports prowess. In addition, the Games present us with a further chance to display to the world our advanced national economy and the mature democracy Korea has achieved in the half century since the catastrophe of the Korean War.

The memory of visiting a country or a city is often shaped best and most firmly imprinted in our hearts by the hospitality and open-mindedness of its people, along with the impressions left by its tangible national heritage and cultural assets. In this respect, our warm heart and passion will be felt and extended to Asia’s 4 billion inhabitants in the course of different volunteer activities and the sensitive guidance offered to foreigners at the airport and in the streets, by means of lively cheering and encouragement at the various sporting venues, and through various cultural and artistic performances laid on around our city. Through these, we will certainly take a step forward as a city but we aspire to invoke a leap in the imagination of people touched by the Games in our city.

By means of cyberspace, the ongoing process of preparing for the Games and ensuring the success of each activity and event will be captured and vividly brought to you from now on. I have no doubt that the 17th Incheon Asian Games will be widely celebrated among Asia’s people and by people all over the world. I sincerely hope that this website helps you to find the information you seek and to perhaps share your own innovative ideas with us. Only in this way can we ensure a truly successful and a justly memorable Asian Games in Incheon.

Thank you.

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