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The Administration’s Objectives
Promote and successfully hold the Incheon Global Fair & Festival, 2009
Create a human-centered city based on welfare and culture
Establish Incheon as the best international business city in Northeast Asia
Encourage the growth of a multicultural city with creative residents
Construct a nature-friendly complex city based on the U-Eco concept
10 Tasks for Incheon
Construct the infrastructure for the Incheon Global Fair & Festival, 2009 and establish a system
   for international cooperation
Ensure thorough preparation for the 17th Asian Games, Incheon 2014
Promote the facilities based in the free economic zone and support continuous investment attraction
Adopt an eco-friendly city design based on the U-Eco concept
Create a world-class city and cultivate a knowledge-based high-tech industry
Encourage a dynamic local economy and a broad traffic system
Cultivate a 'City of Happiness' in which people are healthy and fulfilled
Improve the quality of life through access to varied leisure activities
Stimulate competitiveness by establishing high quality educational infrastructure
Attain advanced capacity and multiculturalism through practice and harmonization
Origins of Incheon
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