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Further plans relating to the construction of the stadiums and athletes village will be determined upon confirmation by the central government
Initial plan for facilities at athletic venues
Preparation for each sport at the highest level
- Securing facilities for athletic events (Incheon Metropolitan City) and installing necessary facilities
  (Organizing Committee)
- Estimated number of existing and required facilities needed for athletic events:
- Facilities for athletic events (39 places): 21 new and 18 existing facilities
- Facility for training (48 places): 16 new and 32 existing facilities
The new facilities (21 athletic venues and 16 training facilities) are to be constructed to new designs
For the economic management of the event, existing sports and training venues will be renovated:
    private sports venues and those in adjacent cities will also be utilized with this in mind
Location: around Incheon Metropolitan City and adjacent cities
The Preparatory plan of the facilities for athletic events
Required athletic facilities (39) Plan for athletic facilities (39)
Indoor 19 Existing 4
For renovation 3
Outdoor 20 Private 5
Newly constructed 21
Adjacent cities 6
Consideration will be given to the needs and characteristics of each sports event in securing facilities for
   training, except where a training venue is provided inside a major athletic center
Plans for approval of facility construction plans for sports events and obtaining OCA approval
Discuss the plan to secure the facilities for athletic events with domestic and international sports federations
   (2009 ~ 2010)
Apply for and obtain OCA approval (by 2011)
Prior inspection of the facilities for athletic events by national sports federations (2012 ~ 2013)
Final inspection and grant of official approval of the facilities for athletic events by the OCA (2013 ~ 2014)
Plan for further use after the event
Creation of a perfect profit-gaining model by thorough preparation from the first stage of the design
Construction of new sports venues to be used in multi-purpose ways as cultural complexes and leisure
Utilization of newly constructed stadiums as public sports parks
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