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The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), the most prestigious international sports organization in Asia, was established on December 5, 1982 as a governing body of sports in Asia charged with the task of vitalizing the Olympic Movement across the continent. The predecessor of the OCA was the Asian Games Federation (AGF) that had been founded in February 1949 by 11 representatives from 9 Asian countries at the suggestion of Indian IOC member G.D. Sondhi. Since the AGF was a non-permanent organization, it was temporarily established every four years in a host country whenever an event was held, with the chairman of the AGF also being selected from the host country.

The AGF succeeded in holding nine Asian Games Cham-pionships. However, at the New Delhi AGF General Meetings held on November 26, 1981 and November 16, 1982, the necessity of establishing a permanent organization was addressed. The idea of establishing a permanent organization was finally agreed upon, and on December 5, 1982, a day after the 9th Asian Games in New Delhi, the OCA was established and an inaugural meeting was held. At its inception, the OCA had 34 member National Olympic Committees (NOCs) including the Republic of Korea. Since then the number of official member NOCs has grown to 45, with East Timor being the most recent addition in 2003.

The OCA is responsible for regulating the Asian Games and the Asian Winter Games, both of which are held every four years and draw athletes from all over Asia. The Asian Winter Games has been held consecutively from the 1st Asian Winter Games held in Sapporo, Japan in 1986. Other events patronized by the OCA are the Asian Indoor Games (the 1st Asian Indoor Games were held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2005) and the Asian Beach Games (the 1st Asian Beach Games were held in Bali, Indonesia in 2008), both of which are being held every two years. In addition, the Asian Youth Games and the Asian Martial Arts Games will convene for the first time in 2009 in Singapore and Bangkok respectively. The major financial resources of the OCA are the Olympic Solidarity Funds from the IOC, marketing profits from the Asian Summer and Winter Games, and aid from the Kuwaiti government where the headquarters of the OCA is located.

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