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17th Asian Games INCHEON 2014 2014.9.19~10.4 D-DAY

  • Dec. 23

    1001-day Countdown Ceremony

  • Dec. 20

    Kim Young-soo, the 3rd President of the Organizing Committee, is inaugurated

  • Dec. 16

    Lee Yun-taek, the 2nd President of the Organizing Committee, resigns

  • Nov. 16

    Held the 3rd meeting of the Coordination Committee

  • Oct. 05

    Held the 20th Executive Committee meeting

  • Jul. 13

    Attended the 58th OCA Executive Board meeting and the sports programme was approved by the EB

  • Apr. 12

    Held the 2nd Coordination Committee meeting and the 1st Asian Games Fun Run

  • Jan. 31

    Attended the 57th OCA Executive Board meeting at the 7th Asian Winter Games in Almaty-Astana

  • Jan. 14

    Re-organization of the secretariat(2 Deputy Secretary Generals, 4HQs, 1 Bureau, 12 Departments, 3 teams)