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 The changed ‘Accreditation & Approval Status’ of the applicants registered during the first registration period : Under Confirmation by NOC_As of July 13

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Hello, this is Media Support Team of IAGOC.


We would like to notify you of the following. Among journalists and photographers who finished the accreditation process during the first accreditation period from Jan 1 to May 20, the status of those who passed the 1st screening by IAGOC with no problem in the submitted documents has changed from “Under Visa Screening process” to “Under Confirmation by NOC.”


Given that the Visa Screening process will take more than one month, we have got to conduct the NOC’s confirmation process at the same time to facilitate the process. As of July 13rd, 2014, the following 21 NOCs have completed checking out those accredited, waiting for the OCA’s final approval.

(For reference, for those confirmed by NOCs, it is fine to see the approval process as completed as long as there is no problem with the Visa Screening.)



NOC Iraq, NOC Singapore, NOC Uzbekistan, NOC China, NOC Qatar, NOC Korea, NOC Thailand

NOC Jordan, NOC Indonesia, NOC Lebanon, NOC Oman, NOC Macau, NOC Kazakhstan

NOC Sri Lanka, NOC Saudi Arabia, NOC Philippines, NOC Japan, NOC Bangladesh

NOC Vietnam, NOC India, NOC Iran



The foreign press of non-OCA member (here those who completed the accreditation in the first period) will not go through NOC’s Screening but their status will be distinguished from the other foreign press of non-OCA member who registered in the second accreditation period (June 10 to 20) by placing their status on “Under Confirmation by NOC.”



The status of “Confirmation by IAGOC suspended” on MY STATUS indicates that there are problems in accreditation information, which needs to be modified before July 11. Otherwise, those with such information will be automatically dropped out of the Approval process. So if the indication of “Confirmation by IAGOC suspended” is on MY STATUS, you have to log in to MY STATUS to check your current status.


According to the Media Accreditation Regulation, the IAGOC will not be responsible for those left out of Approval. Please refer to this.


Media Support Team

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