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INFO2014 system will be operated to provide comprehensive information to all accredited media.

INFO 2014
  • Provides general information related to the Games such as real-time game results, competition schedules, weather and bus schedules
  • Service Languages: English and Korean
  • User-friendly interface with search function
  • Official reports can be viewed, downloaded and printed in PDF format.
  • General Information on the Games
  • Competition Schedules
  • Athletes’ Information
  • Real-time Results
  • New Records
  • Weather & Environment Information
  • Transport Information
  • News(AGNS)
  • Information on Training Facilities
How to Access
  • INFO 2014 terminals
    (located at IBC, MPC, OCA HQ hotel, athletes’ village, media village and all competition venues)


  • Internet-based service with the same contents as INFO2014
  • Available on personal computers from any location with internet connections(website address to be announced soon)
  • ID and PW for access are available only for accredited media
Terminal Reservation
  • Installation is available in private office spaces at the MPC.
  • Please make reservations through the Rate Card System(open on February 1).