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General Information
  • Any media personnel who wish to cover the 17th Incheon Asian Games 2014 must complete application for accreditation before the deadline which is May 20, 2014 (Korea Standard Time : GMT +9). After the deadline, application for accreditation and on-site accreditation will not be accepted. Also, modification of information will not be accepted.

    ※ If you have not applied for accreditation within the accreditation period, you can apply during 2nd accreditation period. After the 2nd accreditation period, the application for accreditation will not be acceptable.
    2nd Accreditation Period: June 10 ~ 20, 2014

  • Application for Media Accreditation is accepted only via the Online Accreditation System. Other means such as email, phone call and fax are not acceptable. Please refer to Media Accreditation Guide for detailed information on access to the System and how to use it.
  • AD Cards will be distributed after the confirmation by the NOCs(KOC for the Republic of Korea) and the OCA's approval for the accreditations applied through the Online System. Be advised that AD Card will not be issued to all applicants.
  • Entry of false information or entering information not in accordance with the orthography of how to fill in accreditation information specified in the Media Accreditation Guide may cause accreditation cancellation or refusal to approve. So please read the Media Accreditation Guide thoroughly before starting the online application for accreditation
  • More detailed information is specified in the Media Accreditation Guide. Please refer to the Media Accreditation Guide which is uploaded to the Media Accreditation homepage by downloading it.
  • Please click Go to Media Accreditation located at the bottom of this page to access to the Media Online Accreditation System.
Media Accreditation Key Dates
Media Accreditation Key Dates
Opening of Online Accreditation for Media Korea Standard Time(GMT +9) Jan 20, 2014
Opening of Online Accommodation Application for Media
(Accommodation not available for non-accredited media)
Media Village Jan 20, 2014
Media Hotels Jan 20, 2014
Closing of 1st Online Accreditation for Media Korea Standard Time(GMT +9) May 20, 2014
Closing of 2nd Accreditation Period Korea Standard Time(GMT +9) June 10 ~ 20, 2014
Closing of Online Accommodation Application for Media Media Village Jun 20, 2014
Media Hotels Jun 30, 2014
Opening of IBC & MMC Accreditation Center - Sep 5, 2014
Opening of MPC - Sep 12, 2014
Opening of 17th Incheon Asian Games - Sep 19, 2014
Closing of 17th Incheon Asian Games - Oct 4, 2014
Closing of MMC & MMC Accreditation Center - Oct 6, 2014

Please download the Online Media Accreditation Guide and read it thoroughly before starting application for accreditation.

Kim Junghoon(Mr.) / Moon Hana(Ms.) Media Support Team Manager
+82-32-458-2525 / +82-32-458-2918
Media Support Dept. 1410 Meetyouall Tower, 12 Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea